7 quick tips for a greener plastic free makeup bag | Melissa Hemsley
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Tips for a plastic-free makeup bag


 7 Quick Tips for a Greener, Plastic Free Makeup Bag

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Complicated ingredients lists, confusing labels and conflicting advice on ‘natural’ products make curating a greener makeup regime a minefield! 

Plus there’s all that plastic pollution to think about. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that nearly one-third of landfill waste comes from disposable beauty products, including everything from shampoo bottles to foundation tubes.

So what can we do? How do we use more plastic free makeup? How do we know when ‘natural’ means natural? Do we need to rethink our beauty regime altogether? 

Here are 7 quick tips from my Sustainability Sessions Series One, The New Green Beauty Regime. Don’t forget to sign up to my newsletter and be the first to find out about Series Two coming soon.

1. Streamline your skincare
Rather than tempting yourself with the latest “life-changing’” new beauty product, look at how you can streamline your existing skincare regime to a few quality products, was great advice from Madeleine Shaw. This is an easy way to cut back on plastic packaging. Every time you’re tempted to buy something, ask yourself, will I use this to the end? If it’s a no, don’t buy it.       

2. Ditch the disposables
Cut back on those wasteful, disposable wipes, cotton pads and unnecessary tissues, and bring back the flannel!

3. Educate yourself
This is the best way we can start to make conscious decisions that feel right for us. I like to follow Conscious Beauty Union for advice. Dr Anjali Mahto is the UK’s leading consultant dermatologist, and her book The Skincare Bible is a great place to start. She debunks myths and cuts through the nonsense – definitely recommend! 

4. Refill or recycle
A lot of makeup packaging is still very difficult to recycle as they’re often made up of several different components. While there are now more brands selling recyclable or plastic free makeup – and definitely scout these out – the best way is to refill if you can. Find great make-up in refillable packaging at CONTENT

5. Cut through the nonsense: how to read ingredients list
Don’t be fooled by ‘natural’ beauty products that claim to be high in beneficial ingredients. If you want a product that’s high in argan oil for example, check that it appears high on the list (ingredients are listed in order of the quantity used). If it’s way down the list, perhaps it’s not worth the investment. 

6. Quit comparing yourself
Make-up artist Khandiz Joni’ words of wisdom are good to remember: “We’re always comparing ourselves and trying to look like carbon copies of each other – it’s so boring! Ask yourself the question: what makes me feel beautiful?”

7. Sleep sleep sleep
The ultimate green beauty regime? Sleep! We all know that what we eat has an impact on our health, but what about stress and lack of sleep? Prioritise sleep and wellbeing first and foremost says skincare practitioner and expert Annee De Mamiel – this has such an impact on the state of our skin. 

What about a plastic free kitchen? Here are my tips that you can start today.

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