Tips for Keeping Cool in the heat | Melissa Hemsley
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Tips for Keeping Cool


Tips for Keeping Cool

keeping cool melissa hemsley

If like me, you get way too hot & sweaty when the sun comes out then here are some tips that have helped me & that might help you to cool down & relax a little too.

1. Save any spray bottles you have, fill them with water & pop in fridge for a spritz on face, neck, forearms & ankles when you need it.
2. Try to let lots of air into your room in the morning & evening.
3. Grab a small bowl of water & soak a few muslin cloths in it in the fridge, giving yourself a cold dab down when you need one. (My dog loves it too)
4. Have a bowl of water and ice in your fridge or freezer so you can pop your feet in at the end of the day.
5. I also went through some lovely tips with the fabulous Callie Thorpe who joined me for my FeelGood Sessions, so catch up here to hear them.
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