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My Top Ten Favourite Podcasts

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My Top Ten Favourite Podcasts

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If you’re looking for listening inspiration, here are 10 podcasts that I love to listen to on the train and while I’m cooking away in my kitchen.

1) #LiveLifeBetter Podcast hosted by yours truly (!), there’s 2 series and 12 episodes to get stuck into. Start with 6th sense where I interview the neuroscientist Dr Tara Swart, talk periods with Moody month and get my tarot cards ready by Psychic Sisters.

2)  Farmerama stories from independent farmers all around the world. Check out episode 17 with Doug from zero waste restaurant Silo and the episode of Brexit & Farming.

3) Two of my all time heroes Matt Haig interviewed by Bryony Gordon on her Mad Girl podcast.

4) The Kitchen is on Fire Podcast, check out episode 170 with me where I talk about squirrels terrorising my fledging veg garden and going to church to cry.

5) Desert Island Discs (obvs) check out the legendary Guy Watson from Riverford with Kirsty Young and one of my fave authors of all time Kate Atkinson interviewed by Lauren Laverne.

6) Celebrating women in food the Cherry Bombe Podcast , hosted by my friend Kerry Bombe. I’ve been on it twice while in NYC, one of my fave episodes is with Sophia Roe, episode 189 and my mate Yasmin Khan on ‘hummus and humanity’.

7) Fearne Cotton’s Happy Place . My fave episodes with Poorna Bell and my second client as a private chef, the great Gary Barlow.

8) Ctrl Alt Delete from Emma Gannon especially episodes 170 with Deborah James with Happy Not Perfect.

9) Obsessed with the lovely Giovanna Fletcher’s podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby. Check out podcast and her chats with Jack Monroe and Candice Braithwaite who I love to dance to garage in my kitchen with.

10) How to Fail from Elizabeth Day. I just heard her speak again at an International Women’s Day event,  she’s brilliant and a big lesson I learnt in my 30s was not being afraid to fail. FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY!

And bonus 11)  Kitchen Club with Sarah Malcolm and Serena Louth. Celebrating food, recipes and healthy habits! The girls had me on chatting all things food waste and cooking for Extinction Rebellion.

I’m always on the look/listen out for great podcast recommendations so let me know yours!

Melissa x

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