Talking at The United Nations Girl Up Summit | Melissa Hemsley
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The United Nation’s Girl Up Summit


Speaking at The United Nation’s Girl Up Summit

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It was an honour to give a keynote speech at the United Nation’s Girl Up Leadership Summit for young women in London. I talked about ’10 Things I know (so far anyway)’ including:
 – How not to be afraid to stand up for what you believe in.
– Be an Activist: Fight for what you know is right.
– If in doubt, make soup. Make homecooked nourishing food and sleep.
I felt it was important to share that we mustn’t let overwhelming feelings of ‘eco-anxiety’ or the worry that we are ‘eco- hypocrites’ freeze us and stop us from doing anything useful or helpful but instead to think ‘what can I do today?’ and repeat that, daily.
 Shout out to the other speakers who took part in the inspiring day of talks, workshops and meditation like Poppy Jamie (Happy Not Perfect), Sian Clifford (Still Space and Fleabag) Aimee Lou Wood and Ripley Parker.

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girl up, girl power, female empowerment, united nations, sustainable
girl up, female empowerment, united nations, activist, sustainable

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