The best veg friendly restaurants in London | Melissa Hemsley
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11 Veg-Friendly Places to Eat in London

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11 Veg-Friendly Restaurants in London

I wanted to share some of my most loved vegan and vegetarian-friendly cafes and restaurants in London that really go a long way to celebrating glorious vegetables.

Some are vegetarian but all offer vegetarian and vegan options so everyone is welcome. Some are only open for breakfast and lunch and for weekdays so do be sure to check before you go! Let me know which you’ve tried and tell me your faves so I can add to my list too.

If you, like me, are always looking for ways that you can eat delicious, feel-good, veg-focussed food while cutting waste and reducing your impact on the planet, my new cookbook Eat Green is packed with over 100 everyday flexitarian recipes and tonnes of waste-saving, leftover tips and seasonal advice to help you do just that. 

Here are some of the best vegetarian and vegan (friendly) restaurants in London

1. Hemsley cafe at Selfridges. Call me biased but I love it here and we’re celebrating our 5th year anniversary. I’m very proud of our Afternoon Tea and we’re open for breakfast through to dinner every day so come say hello!

2. Plates, Shoreditch. One of the best vegan restaurants in East London, Plates only opens on Saturdays. The food is exceptional.

3. Mildreds restaurant in London is the original vegetarian cafe and still so great. There are now four of them.

4. Slaw, Islington. Just discovered this place, stunning and delicious plant based plates that WOW.

5. Clerkenwell kitchen Thoughtfully sourced, cooked with care by 2 women, just what you want.

6. Hornbeam Cafe, Walthamstow. Vegan and organic, it’s open tues – sunday. On Mondays, they run a volunteer led lunch with everyone pitching in to cook up lunch with zero waste food rescued from local supermarkets.

7. 26 grains, Covent Garden. Gorgeous porridges, soup always with a beautiful and clever twist.

8. Stoney Street, Borough Market. From the team behind 26 Grains and with head chef and master baker Henrietta Inman, this is one of my favourite veg-centric restaurants to go. A real emphasis on seasonal, local veg! 

9. My old stomping ground Italo in Vauxhall. The kitchen is run by Emily Weligama and her Sri Lankan inspired recipes.

10. Malibu Kitchen at The Ned. Californian inspired in the City.

11. Farmacy, Notting Hill. Plant-based restaurant and vegetables come from their biodynamic farm in Kent. Excellent cocktails too.

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