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Veggie Sides for any Feast


Veggie Sides for Any Feast

veggie sides

Here are some of my favourite vegetable sides to complete your Christmas feast or to enjoy anytime of year  – starring carrots, squash, brussels and Winter seasonal veg.

Also check out this round up on Winter Salads here and if you’re reading this in December and looking for more festive recipes check out these fuss-free canapés and my guide for Stress Free Entertaining for Christmas and any celebratory time! I can guarantee the tips will always come in useful – I check back in on them regularly!

Maple Roasted Carrots with Carrot Top Gremolata

carrot side
When you have lots of carrots to use up, these roasted maple carrots with a carrot top gremolata is the perfect way to put them to good use and leave nothing to waste. Instead of throwing away the luscious, green carrot tops, use them here to make a fresh herby topping for your golden sticky carrots. Get the recipe.

Miso Roasted Brussel Sprouts

sides sprouts melissa hemsley
My new favourite way to have my sprouts all season round; lovely and sticky and full of flavour. Serve as a side or have leftovers with soba noodles and salmon. Get the recipe.

Warm Squash, Parmesan and Apple

salad sustainable melissa
Sometimes I love to have a bit of fresh crunch as a side and this Squash, Parmesan and Apple Salad with Honey Apple Thyme Dressing ticks those boxes for me. Don’t worry about peeling the squash, minimise your food waste by just giving it a scrub. Feel free to swap the squash for carrots, beetroot or sweet potatoes, or whatever you’ve already got to hand.
Get the recipe.

Fit Carrots

I called these *fit carrots* when I first tasted them and the name has stuck. Roasted crispy edged carrots, touch of maple, topped with cool creamy yoghurt and toasted hazelnuts, sesame seeds and rosemary.
Get the recipe.

Grilled Cabbage Wedges from Eat Green

eat green cabbage melissa hemsley
I used to always stir fry cabbage with noodles but I can’t get enough of grilling or roasting full wedges for a delicious side; you can do the same with lettuce too! This is a great use for tired lettuce or cabbage with a delicious green yoghurt to drizzle on top. Get the recipe in my cookbook Eat Green.

Red Cabbage Quinoa Salad

This salad is a mix of everything I love; crunch, sweetness, heartiness and lots of freshness from the herbs. Use any roasted veg you have and I used olives here as I had some leftover from entertaining, but use whatever else you think might work or throw in whatever you fancy! Get the recipe.

Festive Fried Sprouts with Garlic, Chilli & Lemon

These sprouts are so tasty that I truly think they could convert all sprout haters! Fried Christmas Brussel Sprouts with garlic, anchovy, chilli & a citrus sweet drizzle of lemon & honey. Top with parmesan & a festive flourish of cranberries & pomegranate seeds to really make this a show stopping side! Get the recipe.

Squash, Pomegranate and Feta Salad

squash salad
This simple hot salad is a “meet me in the middle seasons salad”…the mint & pomegranate seeds remind me of summer & the hot golden pumpkins keep it hearty. It makes the perfect Winter side. Get the recipe.

Roast Squash & Sage

whats in season squash salad recipe
This roast squash & parmesan sage salad is delicious served hot as a sharing salad. I love an onion squash here but you can use any type of pumpkin or squash for this.
Get the recipe.

Roast Broccoli with Chickpeas and Pesto

broccoli chickpeas melissa hemsley

If you need more green on a grey day, this roasted broccoli with pesto and chickpeas is the perfect side or base for dinner. It’s delicious year round too.

1. Get some broccoli in a hot oven (don’t forget the broccoli stalks too) I roasted these in ghee, oregano, salt & pepper at 220C for 15 mins tossing halfway until browning at the edges.

2. Meanwhile make a pesto with any herbs or greens you can get your hands on like rocket & basil, watercress & mint, baby spinach and roughly blend/pound with 1 clove garlic, a small handful of seeds/nuts, extra virgin olive oil, juice & a little zest and season with salt & pepper.

3. Finally toss the broccoli with a few drained tins of chickpeas or beans for the a final 5-10 mins of oven time so the chickpeas get nice and hot too. Add chilli if you like or a little smoked paprika or za’atar or harrissa, whatever! Serve with some parmesan/ feta / garlic yoghurt / halloumi.

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