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What I’ve been reading in August


What I’ve been reading in August

Who loves a good book recommendation? I absolutely love to read, especially in the bath after a long day & I love flicking through cook books & getting inspired by lovely recipes.
Here’s what I’ve been reading in August…

The Gannet’s Gastronomic Miscellany
by Killian Fox

A lovely book to dip in and out of with loads of fun facts about food & drink.

First We Make The Beast Beautiful
by Sarah Wilson

I couldn’t recommend this one enough. It will make you laugh & cry.

by Anna Hart 

I haven’t been away much lately so I’ve been living through these beautiful memoirs about travel.

The Little Swedish Kitchen
by Rachel Khoo

I’ve been loving cooking recipes (that aren’t my own) from my friend Rachel’s new yummy book.

Now & Again
Julia Turshen

I’ve been devouring her new book with loads of tips for leftovers (which you know I’ll love).

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