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What to do with Autumnal Ingredients


What to do with Autumnal Ingredients

When a new season comes around, I always get excited by what food is in season & what dishes can be made with the lovely ingredients. Mini pumpkins & squash are everywhere at the moment & not only do they look great as festive decorations but they’re also extremely versatile in recipes. So here are some recipe ideas with the produce that I’ve gathered this October. I’d love to know what you make too!

1. Baking the mini pumpkins, stuffing w/ goats cheese & garlic
2. Roasting the orange halves w/ figs until sticky for yoghurt & toasted pistachios
3. Making a quick Moroccan style slaw with shredded apples, carrots, spices & the orange juice
4 Crisping up those sage leaves and frying them in butter with mushrooms or eggs
5. Roasting the apples and sage with sausages for the best tray bake ever
6. Squeezing the orange halves for my fave hoisin tahini sauce, recipe on melissahemsley.com
7. Simmering chopped apples with cinnamon & ginger for granola / porridge/ ice-cream / yoghurt
8. Stuffing the roasted mini pumpkins with quinoa tabbouleh (quinoa tabbouleh recipe in #EatHappy)
9. Simmering up a quick curry with the big squash. Any spices in your cupboard fried with onions, garlic, coconut milk and lovely big hearty chunks of squash
10. Do what my Mum does, make your own natural home freshener. Next time you finish using the oven, before you turn it off, place any orange peel on a tray and as the oven cools your home will fill with the best homemade orange scent. Divine. #wastenotwantnot

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