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Winter warming tea melissa hemsley

This Winter Warming tea is my favourite brew to reach for when I need perking up. It’s similar to the famous Pep Up tea that we served for over 4 years at the Hemsley + Hemsley cafe in Selfridges London but over time, I’ve adapted it and hope you’ll love this version just as much, if not more!

It’s got a classic combination of ginger, lemon and honey and then the powerhouse cheerful addition of turmeric too! I pair this with a pinch of black pepper instead of cayenne and I also have added Fairtrade cinnamon which I find even more warming and delicious and feels ‘sweeter’ and love the smell even more as it reminds me of Sri Lanka when I visited the cinnamon and pepper fields!


  1. Fill your teapot with hot water and add all the ingredients (except for lemon and honey)

  2. Pop the lid on and leave to brew for 10 minutes

  3. Stir well and then strain (if you like) and pour into your mugs. Squeeze in lemon juice and add a little honey to serve.

  4. You can then add more hot water to your teapot and enjoy the same teapot several times during the day or keep topping up the ingredients. On hot days, you could chill the brew and add ice cubes and sparkling water


1 thumb ginger,  finely grate (peeled if not organic)
Juice ½ lemon and a little zest or peel if you like
½ tsp ground turmeric – WunderWorkshop is fantastic
½ tsp ground cinnamon
Little pinch black pepper or cayenne
Enough just boiled water to fill your big teapot
Optional – a little raw honey to sweeten  – I love Black Bee Honey

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