Women at Work with the Live Life Better Podcast | Melissa Hemsley
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Women at Work: Live Life Better Podcast

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Women at work with the Live Life Better Podcast

Join me on 7th March 2018 as we bring my Podcast ‘Live Life Better’ with Virgin and Penguin Living to life in a very special live recording for International Women’s Day!

I’ll be talking about what doing good business looks like for women in the 21st century alongside a host of fabulous female authors from varying disciplines. We will discuss their experiences as women in business, and provide key takeaway tips. How do you put purpose at the heart of a business? Are feminine traits set to differentiate the successful leaders of the future? Can we find meaning in our work?

Joining us we have:

Holly Branson, author of WEconomy and Chair of Virgin Unite.

Rukmini Iyer, author of The Roasting Tin, and the forthcoming The Green Roasting Tin. Previously a lawyer, she is now a food stylist and cookbook author.


This event will be recorded and aired as part of a special International Women’s Day podcast across the Virgin and Penguin Living social channels the following day.

Tickets include £5 redeemable at The Like A Woman Bookshop.

The remainder of every ticket sold will be donated to Solace Women’s Aid, a London domestic violence charity providing aid to 11,000 women and children a year.

Get your tickets here: Event Brite: Women at Work

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