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Women’s Health Fit Night Out


Women’s Health Fit Night Out

Last week, I joined Jada Sezer, model and Young Minds ambassador, Natalie Campbell of BADASS Women’s Hour and Claire Sanderson, editor of Women’s Health, live on stage for Women’s Health Fit Night Out. We talked BODY POSITIVITY – how you get it (rather the journey to getting it), how you keep it and how you can talk yourself up while being softer on yourself.  I talked about my friend Hollie’s amazing positivity cards, the London Hypno Birthing, and how one really struck me “ I AM ENOUGH”.  

Of course our mental wellbeing came up too. When I need to be soft on myself and kind to myself, I make space for me…. I get some fresh air, I try to meditate or do 15 minutes of yoga, whatever works best or I give myself permission to just be. I make a nourishing bowl of soup or I defrost one from the freezer (perfectly ready in times of need), I switch off my phone, specifically social media and I watch TV that makes me happy (Pride & Prejudice or Escape to the Chateau) or read childhood favourites (Harry Potter or Enid Blyton) ! I never get the chance to do them all in one evening but they are my little KIND TO MYSELF things that I do when I need that comfort.  What are yours?

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