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Eat Happy:

30 minute feelgood food.

My new cookbook EAT HAPPY: 30 MINUTE FEELGOOD FOOD is a celebration of fast, real food. These are 130 of my favourite recipes – they’re easy, flavour-packed and feelgood dishes, all made in just 30 minutes, using everyday ingredients, making the most of leftovers, reducing food waste and batch cooking to make weekday meals a breeze!

EAT HAPPY is designed to see you through the whole day – from tempting breakfasts to family dinners and lunches, as well as party food, snacks, baking, desserts, drinks, and simple versions of takeaway favourites. Amongst the new recipes are Breaded Chicken Katsu Curry, Slaw In Seconds, Chinese Fried Quinoa with Spicy Garlic Sesame Oil, Coconut Chocolate Clusters and a Banoffe Pie In A Glass. These are delicious alternatives and nourishing treats that encourage even the most time-poor cook to take pleasure in healthy food.

My new cookbook will be out on January 2018 internationally but you can preorder your copy right now below.


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