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Eat Happy

My third cookbook EAT HAPPY: 30 MINUTE FEELGOOD FOOD is a celebration of fast, fuss free, real food with 120 of recipes for every night of the week. They’re easy, flavour-packed, feelgood dishes and all made in just 30 minutes or less. Using everyday ingredients, making the most of leftovers, reducing food waste and batch cooking to make weekday meals a breeze!

Check it out here.

I know you love food so I guess you already have tons of cookery books, so what makes Eat Happy special?

All of us can eat well on busy nights, with store-cupboard ingredients and recipes that are fast, fuss free, big on flavour, feelgood and most importantly, delicious!

So I challenged myself to create recipes for you that are designed to tick all of these boxes and be:

  • Ready in 30 minutes or less and so easy that anyone can cook them
  • Easily doubled to be batch cooked for the fridge or freezer so that good food is always accessible when you’re in a hurry
  • Flexible; it’s all about using up what you’ve already got in the cupboards and turning leftovers into tomorrow’s meals
  • Cook once, eat twice, with tons of ideas for packed lunches and zero leakage in your bag
  • Packed with a rainbow of vegetables
  • Full of your favourite comfort foods with my spin on takeaways and ready meals
  • Use one pan for minimal washing up to save time in the kitchen so you’ve got more time to enjoy eating with your loved ones
“Don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with such a passion, love and joy for food! She’s amazing!” - Giovanna Fletcher
“I adore Melissa and her food. This is carefree, quick cooking with a sense of fun and just happens to be good for you.” - Anna Jones
“I’m a huge fan of Melissa’s and love how she champions the message that good healthy food needn’t be complicated, scary or time consuming.” - Fearne Cotton
“Eat Happy? I’m always happy when I eat Melissa's food!” - Gary Barlow

5 Ingredient Chocolate Pots

Hoisin Duck Pancakes

Spiced Quinoa Tabbouleh

Monday Miso Bowl

eat green

Get your hands on my brand new cookbook "eat green” here.